Oral Presentation Society of Obstetric Medicine of Australia and New Zealand ASM 2018

AHCDO consensus statement: Management of inherited bleeding disorders in pregnancy (#10)

Scott Dunkley
  • Women with inherited bleeding disorders are exposed to haemostatic challenges during pregnancy, delivery, and post-partum. The Australian Haemophilia Centre Director’s Organisation (AHCDO) have developed a consensus statement that aims to provide practical information for clinicians managing pregnant women who have, or carry a gene for, inherited bleeding disorders, and their potentially affected infants.
  • The consensus statement includes recommendations on the:
    • A guide to understand and determining the bleeding phenotype of individual bleeding disorders, and their treatment
    • Expected physiological changes in clotting factors during pregnancy for women with inherited bleeding disorders.
    • Management of pregnancy, labour and delivery; obstetric anaesthesia issues; postpartum care
    • Management of the infant known to have or at risk of having an inherited bleeding disorder, including testing, routine postnatal care, prevention of bleeding and treatment of any bleeding.